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中金心水论坛一品堂 www.tkiut.com 十月在職聯考的教育碩士中,報讀英語科目的,在復試的時候一般是要進行英語的自我介紹的,下邊,中金心水论坛一品堂的老師給大家提供一篇教育碩士復試的英語范文,希望能對大家的復試有所幫助。


Good afternoon everyone, my name is XXX, I’m 29 years old, and I'm from Beijing. 我想從以下幾方面介紹我自己:

I'd like to introduce myself through the next points: 1、 工作方面:我在學校的主要工作內容有三點:

About working: There are three main aspects of my daily work:

第一, 教課內容是法律基礎類、政治類課程,我覺得作為一名人民教師責任重大,不僅要教書,更好育人。

The first, I teach courses such as basic laws and politics. I can feel the strong responsibilities on a teacher, because I have to not only teach knowledge well, but also let students know how to be a good person.


The second, I'm responsible for some administrative work, such as students recruiting and employment. The main majors in our college are urban metro, car repairing, transportation management, logistics and so on.


I think the students recruiting and employment are very important to our college as well as to students and their parents, the serious working attitude and consciousness are highly required.


The third part of my daily work is to be a head teacher, there is an idea I respect very much: there is no bad students, but only bad teachers. If a family is a component of our society, then the class is a component of the school.


When we judge a class good or bad, the key ruler is the organization and management ability of a head teacher, as well as the good working attitude and teaching methods. A head teacher is the pathfinder on the way of students growing, as a young teacher, I’ll try my best to be an excellent head teacher.

2、 生活興趣方面:我在生活方面愛好廣泛,尤其喜歡體育運動和閱讀。 About daily life: I have a wide range of hobbies, especially sports and reading.


Sport: We have very good sports facilities in our college, I play badminton every Tuesday, and play basketball every Friday. I think that sports is the best flavor of our life, it can release the pressure and relax our mood.


Reading: I have good reading habits since I was a child, I like the famous four classic very much, and I'm also interested in some biography and news commentaries. I think books can help people being mature, they affect me gradually.(為了以防萬一考官問你四大名著是什么,英文如下《三國演義》《西游記》《紅樓夢》《水滸傳》另外,最好例舉一些你比較喜歡的書,比如名人傳記方面可以說現在比較火的喬治福布斯傳記《George Forbes》)


And of course, I have the confused moment, but I think the difficulties can help me grow. Thank you.

Good morning, my dear teachers. It is really a great honor to have this opportunity for your

interview. Firstly, I will introduce myself to you briefly. My name is Qiu Mengru and my English name is Janet. I am a local person who is 23 years old. Jinan, the spring city is the capital of

Shandong province. I am of the opinion that my hometown is a beautiful city. Secondly, I want to talk about my studying experience. I am majored in 你以前的專業and graduated from 你學校的名字. I appreciate the education my university gave me. Now I got a new plan, I will do my

var script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = '//static.pay.baidu.com/resource/baichuan/ns.js'; document.body.appendChild(script);

utmost to obtain a key to Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I choose the Clinic as my major.學校簡介+你為什么選擇這個專業

Moreover, I would like to say something about my family. 你可以談談你家庭的情況。 I have the confidence because I have such ability! I am kind-hearted, patient, outgoing and

creative. I am looking forward to my postgraduate studies and life. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning. If I could have the chance to learn here, I will

concentrate on the studying and researching in this field. In order to construct a solid base for my future work, I will focus on the theoretical knowledge. Next, I would like to do some practical work with the help of my tutor and classmates. By through this, it?s definitely that I may get something that cannot be acquired from the textbooks.

Furthermore, I will state several reasons for taking postgraduate exams. First of all, I love my major. I am a hard working student especially do the thing I am interested in. I will try my best to resolve any problem no matter how difficult it is. I am fascinated by the great masters? refreshing and profound styles as well. Next, I love the feeling in the university. It is full of youthful spirit. And I am deeply attracted by the scholarly atmosphere. And the most important, it?s my great honor to open my ears to your teaching. In addition, more studying experiences doesn?t equal to success, whereas it‘s completely a way to success.

That's my simple and clear reasons why I took the postgraduate exams.

In spare time, I like reading books, surfing on the Internet, listening to music like pop, classic, or light music, because they can make me feel relaxed. Nobody could keep on working efficiently, therefore proper amusement is a must. In addition, I insist on do some physical training such as running, swimming and badminton as well. By doing this, we can always stay healthy. That's all. Thank you for giving me such a valuable opportunity!











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